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What We Focus On?

Focus Areas

Our logo is a holistic visual expression of everything we stand for.

The Future of the Dalai Lama

With the discussions on choosing the next Dalai Lama gaining traction, we look at the reincarnation debates and track the global developments on the same.

Approaches to solving the Tibet Question

How do we arrive at a solution for the Tibetan Question and create a Tibet where Tibetans are able to determine their own future?

Nature of Human Rights Violations in Tibet

There is a need to address the rampant human rights violations happening in Tibet.Tibetans have been stripped off of their basic human rights guaranteed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Disinformation on Tibet

Along with strengthening surveillance and censorship and restricting access to Tibet, there are also attempts to spread disinformation about Tibet’s real situation using bought media and distorted social media narratives.

Tibet on the Geopolitical Chessboard

We seek to discuss Tibet’s strategic significance and its geopolitics to understand what it means for the region.

What Our Logo Says

Our Logo

Our logo is a holistic visual expression of everything we stand for.

Vitarka Mudra

The Buddhist ‘vitarka mudra’ denotes transmission of the Dharma and “uninterrupted flow of wisdom”. Known as the “gesture of debate”, the mudra reflects our spirit of enquiry and questioning and our commitment to truth.

The Deers

In Buddhism, deer symbolises harmony, peace, happiness and longevity; their presence in a place represents the “purity of a space, bereft of fear”.

Buddhist Prayer Flags

The Buddhist prayer flags stand for the elements of air, fire, water, earth and heaven and they carry the messages of compassion, strength and wisdom through the wind.

This is the vision we carry forward - of a Tibet where Tibetans can live without fear. TRC’s agenda is to spread our message of freedom and liberty and bring together a community of leaders who will carry forward these messages.