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Why Tibet

As the question of the succession of the Dalai Lama garners increased global attention, control and suppression of human rights in Tibet has reached new heights in the past few years.

Thus, the TRC aims to highlight the human rights abuses happening in Tibet, even as you read this. Freedom House, in its Freedom in the World 2021 report that ranks countries based on political rights and civil liberties, rated Tibet 'Not Free'.

  • Tibetans are being denied political rights, civil liberties, freedom of expression and belief, and are subjected to extreme restrictions on freedom of movement and assembly.
  • Activists who register protest are arrested, detained arbitrarily and tortured in jails.
  • Tibetan children are not allowed to learn in their mother-tongue - schools that teach in Tibetan are being closed down - and are forced to learn Mandarin Chinese in attempts to destroy Tibetan culture and identity.

We believe that #TibetMatters and the world needs to stop and listen to the voices from not just Tibet, but also places like Xinjiang, Taiwan and Hong Kong, where human rights are being violated.