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United News of India

  • 24 May, 2022
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A hacker, a researcher and thousands of photos: Inside China's secret Uyghur detention system


According to the reports, thousands of photographs from China's higly secretive system of masss concentration camps in Xinjiang and the shoot-to-kill policy of  are among the huge cache of data that were hacked into from police computer servers.

According to the Xinjiang Police Files, recieved earlier this year, data has revealed unprecedented details pf China's use of "re-education" camps and formal prisons as two separte but related systems of mass detention for Uyghurs and seriously calls into question its well-honed pubblic narrative about both. 

They include classified speeches by senior officials, internal police manuals and personnel information; the internment details for more than 20,000 Uyghurs; and photographs from higly sensitive locations. 

According to the government, the re-education camps in Xinjiang since 2017 are "schools." However, this is in contradiction to the internal police instructions, guarding roasters and the images of detainees. 

Futhermore, its widespread use of terrorism charges, under which many thousands more have been swept into formal prisons, is exposed as a pretext of for a parallel method of internment, with police spreadsheets full of arbitrary, draconian sentences, BBC reported.

The documents have provided some strongest evidence of the policy targeting "almost any expression of Uyghur identity, culture or Islamic faith- and od a chain of command running all the way up to the Chinese leader, Xi Jingping".

The hacked police files also contain over 5,000 police photographs of Uyghurs taken between January and July 2018.

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(Information Supplied by United News of India)

By Team TRC