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Tibetan Review

  • 13 Jun, 2022
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China must address grave human rights concerns and enable credible international investigation: UN experts


Geneva: A group of more than 40 UN experts called upon China to address “specific and systematic human rights violations” and urged China to “grant unhindered access” to independent experts, in a joint press statement released ahead of the 50th UN Human Rights Council session which begins from Monday, 13 June 2022.

The experts stressed that the recent visit to China by the UN High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet “does not replace the urgent need for a complete assessment” of the human rights violations in Tibet, East Turkestan and Hong Kong.

In the press statement, the UN Experts said China must address “specific and systematic human rights violations,” and called upon the Chinese authorities to ensure full and transparent cooperation with the entire UN human rights system. The UN human rights experts urged China to cooperate fully with the UN human rights system and “grant unhindered access to independent experts.”

“Cooperation includes allowing visits by UN Special Procedures mechanisms and granting full access, particularly to places of detention,” the experts said. “Strengthening engagement with independent human rights experts and Human Rights Council mechanisms is crucial to full and transparent enforcement of China’s human rights obligations.”

The experts renewed the calls made by 50 UN experts in a June 2020 joint statement echoing their continued concerns over repression by China in Tibet, East Turkestan and other parts. The experts reiterated recommendations urging the Human Rights Council to convene a special session in China; consider the creation of a Special Procedures mandate; and appoint a UN Special Envoy or a panel of experts to closely monitor, analyse and report annually on the human rights violations by China.

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