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  • 26 Dec, 2024
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China`s Pressure Prompts Nepal`s Media Self-Censorship on Tibet, Taiwan Coverage


According to an opinion piece on dated December 25, 2023, tensions between China and Nepal have intensified, resulting in Nepal's media self-censorship concerning sensitive topics related to Tibet and Taiwan. The escalation followed Nepal's ban on the Chinese-owned TikTok app, a move China attributed to "geopolitical reasons."

The piece highlighted formal complaints from China to Nepal, emphasizing geopolitical implications and a more assertive stance in diplomatic relations. There's a growing perception that Nepal's Prime Minister, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, might be tilting towards fostering closer ties with India to solidify his stay in power, a move that China perceives as a distancing from their interests.

Nepal's challenge in balancing relations between India and China is evident, with concerns rising over Chinese interference in Nepali media affairs. Reports indicate that if Nepali outlets express even slight support for Tibet or Taiwan, China quickly engages with Kathmandu, pressuring for self-censorship. Consequently, Rastriya Samachar Samiti and The Rising Nepal have refrained from publishing potentially contentious content to avoid friction with China.

Moreover, Chinese authorities are purportedly urging Nepal to extend this censorship to private media, creating an environment of limited expression and editorial freedom.

The Chinese ambassador's recent controversial remark, openly criticizing Nepal's neighboring relations, has fueled tensions further. Nepal's authorities find themselves at a loss in dealing with China's assertiveness, exemplified by instances where Chinese officials dismiss Nepal's concerns while pushing their own initiatives.

Biswas Baral, a columnist cited in the report, underscores the necessity for Nepal to adopt a strategic approach in dealing with China, citing former Indian foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale's advice on negotiating with the Chinese. Gokhale's perspective advocates challenging Chinese agendas and raising Nepal's concerns aggressively during negotiations to avoid being sidelined by the Chinese negotiation tactics.

This information was reported by, dated December 25, 2023, reflecting the evolving challenges faced by Nepal in balancing its relationships while safeguarding its sovereignty and media independence.


Edited and collated by Team TRC