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Tibetan man named Lhakdor in photo

  • 30 Dec, 2024
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Chinese authorities sentences Tibetan man to 11 years for alleged spreading rumour


                                                                   Source: Tibet Times

Lhakdor, a Tibetan man, has been reportedly sentenced to 11 years in prison by Chinese authorities for allegedly spreading rumors regarding Tibet's independence. The incident occurred in Palyul County, within the Kardze Autonomous Prefecture, but the news has only recently surfaced due to information suppression.

Reportedly, in July 2016, Lhakdor was apprehended during a routine check at the Kardze-Lhasa flight. Chinese officials examined his phone and discovered content related to Tibet's independence, leading to his arrest under China's contentious laws against online rumor-spreading. His sentencing took place in a local court in Palyul County, witnessed by his family members.

An inside source revealed to TibetTimes that Lhakdor, recognized as a patriotic individual with a deep love for his homeland, has been allowed only one visit from his family since his arrest. Authorities have denied repeated requests for further visits, leaving uncertainty about his whereabouts and the specific detention facility holding him.

Throughout the seven years since his initial arrest, Lhakdor's family managed a single visit, and there remains no clarity on his current location or health status, heightening concerns about his well-being in custody.


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