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  • 12 Apr, 2022
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COVID-19 restrictions eased in Shanghai as locals continue to face shortages of food and medicine

Shanghai: According to reports, some residents of Shanghai were allowed to step out of their homes for the first time in more than two weeks on Tuesday, as the city took tentative steps towards easing a COVID-19 lockdown amid mounting worries over the economic impact of the strict curbs.

 Videos which went viral on social media had shown the people of Shanghai complaining of lack of food and medical care and taking to their balconies to scream, sing and lend voice to their anger, fears and suffering.

Disturbing videos from Shanghai had shown riots breaking out as desperate & starving residents revolted against "Zero COVID" lockdown.

 A video that was shared on Twitter showed how patients were being left uncared for as Covid-19 cases have skyrocketed in the city.

video that was doing the rounds on social media also showed hungry residents looting a supermarket in the financial hub amidst reports of food scarcity.

 A user also shared footage of a drone appearing and directing people to comply with Covid restrictions and not open their windows.

China is witnessing the biggest outbreak since cases of the deadly Covid-19 were first discovered in central Wuhan in 2019. China has taken extreme and brutal measures through its zero COVID-19 policy that has left people in such a bad condition.

By Team TRC

(Information supplied by NDTV and Twitter)