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  • 21 Aug, 2024
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Cultural genocide in Tibet: Delegation seeks international support


On Saturday, a three-member delegation of the Tibetan parliament in exile said that their homeland is in severe conditions under the Chinese dictatorship.

According to the Freedom House Freedom Index report, Tibet is the least free country in the world for the third consecutive year, and the delegation urged the Indian government to urge the Chinese government to re-engage in dialogue with the Dalai Lama without preconditions in order to resolve the Tibet-China conflict.

"The situation in Tibet has devolved into cultural genocide and total annihilation of Tibetan identity," Youdon Aukatsang stated.

Geshi Monlam Tharchin and Tashi Dhondup are also members of the group travelling to West Bengal, Sikkim, and Odisha to raise awareness of the Tibetan cause.

"We seek genuine autonomy for Tibet, with Tibetans having complete internal autonomy in terms of education, development, and the environment." "We want a completely demilitarised zone," she stated.

According to the delegation members, UN human rights experts have expressed grave concern about large-scale colonial boarding schools in Tibet. They alleged that thousands of Tibetan students were being sent to boarding schools in order to erase their Tibetan identity.

Tharchin stated that Tibetans in India are grateful to the country's government and people for allowing them to live there, and that "while we are flourishing here, our Tibetan brothers and sisters are suffering there." She asserted that the Tibetan independence movement's future is bright, saying, "We have been very resilient and hopeful; we have been in exile for over 64 years, but our struggle continues."

Edited and collated by Team TRC