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Tibet House

  • 23 Dec, 2024
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HH the Dalai Lama’s Tibet House to host Conference on Neuroscience, Buddhist Psychology and Cognitive Science at New Delhi


Tibet House, Cultural Centre of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, New Delhi will host a conference on Neuroscience, Buddhist Psychology and Cognitive Science on Saturday, 24th December 2022 at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

This conference aims to investigate mental states and their correlations by bringing together neuroscientists, cognitive scientists, clinical practitioners, and Buddhist philosophers. Recent advances in neuroscience research can show us how the different parts of the brain respond to sensory perceptions, such as visual and acoustic inputs.

These features of sensory perceptions are also well explored and described in Buddhist philosophical texts. In addition, neuroscientists are beginning to explore the higher cognitive functions related to love, compassion, anger etc. and related psychological disorders, such as, anxiety and depression. 

The conference presentations are designed to focus on the nature of brain/mind and its psychological aspects, brain and mental functions, neurocognitive aspects of mindfulness meditation and its effects on mental health; understanding clinical applications of mindfulness and other positive affective mental states from neuroscience, Tibetan medicine and Buddhist points of view and so forth.

Speakers are well known in their respective fields of research and teaching. All talks will be presented in a simple, non-technical manner for a wide audience. The Conference will also be live streamed on Tibet House Official Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

The cost to attend the Conference: For Students and Members of the Tibet House: INR 50 and For Non-Students: INR 100. 

Click to register here.

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