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  • 28 Nov, 2024
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House Foreign Affairs Committee Set to Vote on Amended Resolve Tibet Act Endorsed by International Campaign for Tibet


The House Foreign Affairs Committee is gearing up for a pivotal vote scheduled on November 29, concerning the amended Resolve Tibet Act, HR.533. This significant development follows an announcement by the Committee, signifying an imminent decision on the proposed legislation.

The amended version of HR.533, which has garnered attention and support, has recently received crucial modifications from House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Gregory Meeks, representing New York's Democratic Party. Notably, the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) has publicly endorsed the revisions introduced to the bill. The organization is fervently urging the House Foreign Affairs Committee to swiftly approve the amended legislation, emphasizing its importance in addressing the longstanding concerns of the Tibetan people.

The altered text of the bill is hailed as a notable stride in bolstering American solidarity with the people of Tibet. It serves as a testament to Congress' unwavering dedication to seeking a peaceful resolution to the Tibet issue, indicating a clear stance in support of dialogue as the primary path forward.

Expressing gratitude for the bipartisan efforts behind the Resolve Tibet Act, Tencho Gyatso, President of the International Campaign for Tibet, underscored the crucial role played by Rep. Jim McGovern, Chairman Michael McCaul, and Ranking Member Gregory Meeks in advancing the bill. Gyatso emphasized the pivotal nature of the legislation and reiterated ICT's anticipation for the bill's passage through the committee.

The Resolve Tibet Act holds substantial significance in advocating for the rights and well-being of the Tibetan people and carries the potential to significantly influence relations concerning Tibet between the United States and China. As the House Foreign Affairs Committee prepares for the upcoming vote, the anticipation and momentum surrounding the amended bill continue to escalate, drawing attention both domestically and internationally.

The outcome of the impending vote on the Resolve Tibet Act stands poised to mark a critical milestone in the ongoing efforts to address the Tibet issue and reinforce America's stance on promoting dialogue and peace in Tibet.


Edited and collated by Team TRC