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  • 05 Aug, 2024
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Ling Rinpoche`s Visit to Buryatia Strengthens Bonds Between Indian and Russian Buddhist Communities, Promotes Peace and Understanding


The recent visit of Tibetan Buddhist leader Ling Rinpoche to Russia has marked a significant milestone in fostering deeper connections between Buddhist communities in India and Russia. This spiritual journey not only holds profound importance for local and global Buddhists but also underscores the strengthening of ties between the two nations, emphasizing their shared pursuit of peace and harmony. The visit was reported by the Indo Buddhist Heritage (IBH) Forum, an organization dedicated to uniting individuals, scholars, and organizations with a common appreciation for Buddhism's teachings and historical significance.

Ling Rinpoche's visit was made possible through an invitation from Khambo Lama Damba Ayushdeev, the Head of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia's Buryatia. The warm reception extended by representatives of the Traditional Sangha of Russia, the monastic community, and believers in Buryatia added a sense of auspiciousness to the visit, as noted by the IBH Forum.

The tour provided a unique opportunity for believers to receive blessings, teachings, and guidance on the Buddhist path from a renowned spiritual figure. Dialogues with Lamas and devotees, along with a consecration ceremony at the Aginsky Datsan, served to reinforce the spiritual connections between the regions.

A significant gesture of friendship and respect, Ling Rinpoche gifted 108 volumes of the sacred Ganjur (Kangyur) and commemorative tablets with signatures to the Aginsky Datsan. This act symbolized his wish for the datsan's success and well-being for the betterment of all beings. Upon encountering the grandeur of the Buddha Maidari (Maitreya) statue at the Datsan, Rinpoche was deeply moved and filled with awe.

Badma Tsybikov, Shireete Lama of the Aginsky Datsan, emphasized the visit's profound significance, stating, "This interaction between the Buddhist communities of India and Russia is part of Ling Rinpoche's grand mission to strengthen peace, friendship, and mutual understanding. May all living beings be in peace and harmony."

The visit also holds a historical resonance with the legacy of Kushok Bakula Rinpoche, a prominent international Buddhist diplomat from India. His efforts were instrumental in the resurgence of Buddhism in Russia and Mongolia. Ling Rinpoche's visit, which pays tribute to Bakula Rinpoche's accomplishments, further cements the bonds between the two countries in their shared pursuit of peace, harmony, and spiritual development.

Ling Rinpoche's involvement in various international gatherings and events underscores his commitment to preserving Buddhist traditions and fostering discussions on contemporary issues. His participation in conferences such as the International Conference on Vinaya and World Peace Puja, along with collaborations with the Mind and Life Institute, has contributed to spreading Buddhism's teachings and wisdom across the globe.

The recent visit to Russia by Ling Rinpoche serves as a testament to his dedication to advancing peace, harmony, and mutual understanding. It highlights the enduring influence of Buddhism on the global stage and reinforces the shared values between India and Russia. The visit not only strengthens the ties between their Buddhist communities but also contributes to the broader goal of fostering a more peaceful and interconnected world.


Edited and collated by Team TRC