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  • 11 May, 2022
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“Overcoming Obstacles: Protecting Tibetan Religious Identity”: Australia Tibet Council to launch new report


Sydney: Australia Tibet Coucil will launch its new report “Overcoming Obstacles: Protecting Tibetan Religious Identity” on 17 May at NSW State Parliament on Macquarie Street in Sydney.

The report will detail the Chinese government attacks on Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhist identity.

Australia Tibet Council campaigns for the freedom and human rights of Tibetans with a vision of a free Tibet in which Tibetans can determine their own future and freely pursue their cultural, political and economic developments. ATC tries to amplify the voices of Tibetans and ensure the international community hears their stories as China intensifies its propaganda efforts to control the discourse on Tibet.

More details here.

Information supplied by ATC

By Team TRC