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Tibet Action Institute

  • 27 May, 2024
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Petition demands G20 Leaders to Condemn Chinese Boarding Schools in Tibet


The Tibet Action Institute has initiated a petition urging G20 leaders to take a stand against the presence of Chinese boarding schools in Tibet. The organization highlights the upcoming meeting of G20 Ministers in Delhi, scheduled for September, as a crucial opportunity to bring attention to these boarding schools and advocate for their closure.

The petition aims to emphasize the importance of including the issue of Chinese boarding schools in Tibet on the agenda of the G20 meeting. It urges G20 leaders to use their influence and demand that China take immediate action to shut down these educational institutions.

The Tibet Action Institute recognizes the significance of the G20 platform in addressing global concerns and believes it is imperative to focus attention on the violation of human rights and cultural preservation in Tibet. By urging G20 leaders to take a strong stance against the presence of these boarding schools, the petition seeks to garner support and generate international pressure on China.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has affected the lives of nearly one million Tibetan children aged between four and 18 years old. These children are being subjected to an unsettling fate as they are forced to reside in colonial-style boarding schools, forcibly separated from their homes, families, language, and cherished way of life. Concurrently, Tibetan-language schools, the key bastions of Tibetan cultural preservation, are being systematically shuttered and destroyed.

The objective of this disconcerting initiative by China is to fundamentally alter Tibetan society and erase its unique cultural identity, with far-reaching and devastating consequences. Renowned expert Dr. Gyal Lo voices his concerns, stating, "“The Chinese government is tearing families apart and forcing these vulnerable children to become strangers to their own Tibetan culture.”

The petition, which can be found at [Link:], highlights the concerns surrounding the Colonial boarding schools and their impact on Tibetan culture, identity, and human rights. It emphasizes the urgent need for G20 leaders to address this issue and condemn the systematic erasure of Tibetan heritage.


Edited and collated by Team TRC