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  • 23 May, 2024
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Propaganda Event Manipulates Tibetan Children`s Gratitude towards CCP: Reports


The Taktse (Daze) District Propaganda Department recently organized a group tour for 200 Tibetan middle school students to the "Memorial Hall of the Emancipation of a Million Serfs in Tibet," as reported by state media on May 9.

The event, titled "drinking water to think of the source for gratitude," aimed to instill gratitude and loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) among Tibetan children. Inside the Memorial Hall, an instructor conveyed to the children that Tibet has always been an integral part of China's sacred territory and that the pre-CCP era was characterized by feudal serfdom under the influence of religion and governance.

State media reports indicated that the children were left with the impression that the CCP is solely responsible for the prosperous and contented lives enjoyed by the Tibetan people today. The next phase of propaganda activities plans to further shape the students' perception by encouraging them to recognize the party's benevolence, listen to its guidance, and become dedicated builders and successors of socialist ideals, encompassing moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development.

It is important to note that the event, as reported by state media, appears to be a part of a larger propaganda campaign by the Chinese government to influence the mindset of Tibetan children and foster loyalty to the CCP. Critics argue that such efforts disregard historical complexities and potentially manipulate young minds by presenting a biased narrative. The impact of these propaganda activities on Tibetan children's understanding and perception of their cultural heritage and the political situation remains a topic of concern for human rights advocates.


Edited and collated by Team TRC