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  • 02 Aug, 2023
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Sikyong Penpa Tsering Affirms One China Policy Irrelevance to Tibet at Delhi Event


Sikyong Penpa Tsering, the head of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), delivered a keynote address at an event organized by the Foundation for Non-violent Alternatives (FNVA) in Delhi. The event, which discussed the "weaponization of the One China policy," saw the participation of veteran diplomats and prominent experts from various institutions over the two-day seminar at India International Centre.

In his address, Sikyong Penpa Tsering quoted an extract from the memoir of late Tibetan diplomat Gyari Lodoe Rinpoche, emphasizing that the One China policy has no relevance to Tibet. He explained that the policy resulted from the United States' efforts to establish relations with both the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the 1970s. The policy has been misinterpreted by the People's Republic of China, which tries to extend its application to Tibet, thereby misleading other governments into restricting interactions with Tibetan leaders in exile, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Sikyong Penpa Tsering highlighted the historical perspective of Tibet, urging the need to consider events from 1945 to 1951 and 1954. He emphasized that the One China policy should be viewed separately from Tibet, as it holds no relevance to the region's historical background.

Additionally, Sikyong shed light on the 17th point agreement between Tibet and China, which Tibetan diplomats were compelled to sign under duress. Despite the Tibetan government's efforts to comply with the agreement, China eventually disregarded it, leading to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and thousands of Tibetans moving into exile.

Former Indian Ambassador Lakhan Lal Mehrotra also addressed the event, stressing that China's rise has disrupted established global equations and posed challenges to the international community. He specifically mentioned China's ever-changing relations with the US and India. The seminar served as a platform to explore various aspects of the One China policy and its implications on different regions, with the focus on clarifying its irrelevance to Tibet.


Edited and collated by Team TRC