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  • 17 Nov, 2024
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Tibet Advocacy Group Expresses Concern Over Absence of Tibet Discussion in Biden-Xi Meeting


In a statement released post the summit, the International Campaign for Tibet urges direct dialogue between the US and Tibetan representatives, citing ongoing human rights abuses in Tibet under Xi Jinping's leadership.

The International Campaign for Tibet has expressed disappointment over the absence of substantial discussions regarding Tibet during the recent summit meeting between President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Highlighting the critical nature of the meeting, the advocacy group stressed the urgent need for President Biden to address China's stringent control over Tibet and its people.

Citing the statement from the International Campaign for Tibet, it is noted that the Chinese government's strict governance in Tibet, characterized by heightened securitization of the Tibetan Plateau and extensive efforts toward the Sinification of Tibetan culture, remains a pressing concern.

The group emphasizes the necessity for President Biden to directly address these issues with President Xi, advocating for the inclusion of the voices of Tibetans, Uyghurs, and various other marginalized groups whose freedoms have been stifled by the Chinese government.

The group specifically urged the Biden administration to fulfill its campaign promise by pressuring Beijing to engage in direct dialogue with representatives of the Tibetan people. This request was reiterated in light of the readout issued by the White House, which indicated that President Biden did raise concerns over human rights abuses in various regions, including Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong.

The White House's statement on the summit mentioned Biden's emphasis on the universal nature of human rights and the responsibility of nations to uphold their international commitments. Additionally, it reiterated the United States' stance on the one-China policy regarding Taiwan, emphasizing a consistent approach over decades and administrations.

President Biden highlighted concerns over China's military activities in the Taiwan Strait, urging restraint and emphasizing the importance of resolving differences through peaceful means. The statement also addressed ongoing worries regarding China's unfair trade practices and punitive actions against US firms, which have adverse impacts on American workers and families.

While the White House confirmed that President Biden did raise concerns regarding human rights abuses, including those in Tibet, during the meeting with President Xi, advocacy groups like the International Campaign for Tibet continue to stress the significance of direct engagement on these specific issues that affect the Tibetan people.


Edited and collated by Team TRC