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Tibet Network

  • 22 Dec, 2024
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Tibetan Advocacy Group Calls for Global Support Amid UN Human Rights Council Review


The Tibet Network petition highlights the gravity of the situation in Tibet, where China's systematic erosion of Tibet's culture, religion, language, and fundamental way of life has reached an alarming point. Notably, China's attempts to expunge the name "Tibet" from international discourse by insisting on its own term, "Xizang," have drawn widespread concern.

Tibetan flags were prominently displayed outside the United Nations Human Rights Council, marking a crucial moment in the fight for Tibet's future. This visual plea is part of a campaign by the Tibet Network urging governments to take a firm stance against China's persistent assault on Tibet's cultural identity and rights.

A prominent Tibetan advocacy network has rallied supporters worldwide, urging immediate action as China faces scrutiny over its human rights record at the United Nations Human Rights Council. The campaign, titled "Speak Up for Tibet," seeks to highlight the critical plight faced by Tibetans and the systematic erosion of their cultural identity.

The movement, led by the Tibet Network, underscores the pivotal nature of this moment for Tibet's future. It accuses China of long-standing aggression towards Tibet's cultural, religious, and linguistic heritage, ultimately jeopardizing Tibet's existence. The Chinese government's push to replace the name "Tibet" with its own term, "Xizang," has further fueled concerns about the erasure of Tibetan identity on a global scale.

In a fervent call to action, the network implores governments globally to break their silence and address the pressing issues surrounding Tibet during China's forthcoming human rights review in January. With mounting human rights violations in Tibet, advocates emphasize the urgency for governments to prioritize Tibet among the concerns raised during China's review.

Individuals worldwide are urged to participate by contacting their respective Foreign Ministers, urging them to raise Tibet's plight during China's review at the UN Human Rights Council.

This petition marks a critical step in amplifying the voices advocating for Tibet and pressuring governments to confront China on its human rights abuses, especially concerning the Tibetan population. 

Sign the petition here


Edited and collated by Team TRC