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  • 08 Nov, 2024
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Tibetan Man Arrested and Detained for Initiating Buddhist Group without Registration


A Tibetan man from Shigatse, Tibet, has been arrested and detained by local police for allegedly initiating a Buddhist group on a social media platform without registration. The man's whereabouts remain unknown, and his family has not been informed of his detention.

Samphel, a cleaner at Sakya Monastery, was summoned to the police station of Gidhong township on October 25th, 2023. His mobile phone was confiscated and searched, and he was interrogated about his involvement in the Buddhist group. Following the interrogation, he was taken away to Shigatse police station, where he has been held ever since.

A source close to Samphel informed Tibet Times that the Buddhist group in question has been providing food to stray dogs and other animals on auspicious days, and sharing teachings of great lamas with its members. However, the group was not registered with the authorities, which may have led to Samphel's arrest.

Samphel's family has expressed concern about his whereabouts and well-being. They have not been informed of his detention, and they are worried about his safety.

Samphel's arrest highlights the Chinese government's continued crackdown on religious freedom in Tibet. In recent years, the government has tightened restrictions on religious practices, and many Tibetans have been arrested or detained for expressing their beliefs.

The international community has condemned the Chinese government's treatment of Tibetans, calling for an end to religious persecution and for greater respect for human rights.


Edited and collated by Team TRC