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Tibet Times

  • 27 Nov, 2024
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Tibetan Singer Golok Palden Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Singing Patriotic Song


                                                                   Source: Tibet Times

Tibetan singer Golok Palden has been sentenced to three years in prison by Chinese authorities in Pema County, Golok, for singing a Tibetan ‘patriotic song.’ The arrest is part of a series of crackdowns on Tibetan artists, writers, and intellectuals, reflecting the ongoing suppression of cultural expression in the region.

According to sources from Tibet Times, Golok Palden was apprehended a few months ago for his performance of a Tibetan patriotic song. Despite a lack of formal legal proceedings and transparency, he was convicted after a prolonged period of interrogation and detention.

The source revealed that Golok Palden was denied a proper legal trial, with his family notified of his imprisonment without formal documentation. Notably, Pema County lacks a formal court, raising concerns about the legitimacy of the sentencing process, usually conducted in Golok prefecture.

Golok Palden, known for his proficiency in playing the Tibetan traditional lute, hails from Yotak village in Dedha township, Pema county. His musical talent gained recognition after securing sixth place in a virtual Dranyen-playing contest organized by Sermo Tso, Monthang, last year. His piece ‘Remembering Mother’ gained viral attention on social media platforms, amassing a substantial following on Quaishou, though his account has been inactive since March 26th this year.

The case of Golok Palden underscores the ongoing challenges faced by Tibetan artists in freely expressing their cultural identity amid strict government restrictions and censorship.


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