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  • 26 Dec, 2024
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Tom and Elaine Berndt Embrace Blue Book Membership, Pledge Support to Tibet Cause


Tom and Elaine Berndt, dedicated members of the Australia Tibet Council, have solidified their commitment to the Tibetan cause by becoming the latest members of the esteemed Blue Book, cementing their support as 'Friends of Tibet.'

Their journey began with a transformative trip to Dharamshala, led by the Australia Tibet Council under the guidance of Dr. Zoe earlier this October. Visiting the heart of Tibetan exile administration and meeting with key figures, including the Deputy Speaker, Dolma Tsering, left an indelible mark on the Berndts, prompting them to seek ways to actively contribute to the Tibetan diaspora.

Their determination led them to a meeting with Tibetan parliamentarian Tenzin Doring in Brisbane, spanning two hours, where discussions ranged from bolstering funds for the Australia Tibet Council to expanding the 'Friends of Tibet' network through Blue Book membership. Following their fervor for the cause and their existing affiliation with the ATC, the Berndts swiftly applied for and secured Blue Book membership, a move they proudly shared with Parliamentarian Doring on December 23.

Expressing their resolute support for Tibet, the Berndts, residents of Queensland, intend to spearhead various initiatives to raise awareness about the Tibetan cause in their community.

Tenzin Doring, lauding the Berndts' dedication, extended gratitude to Dr. Zoe and the ATC for fostering broader awareness of the Tibetan exile community. Encouraging the participation of Blue Book holders as honored guests in local Tibetan community events, Doring emphasized the importance of such support in regions across Australia.

The National Federation of Australian Tibetan Communities Association, in its recent governing body meeting, underscored the need to expand the 'Friends of Tibet' network, outlining measures to drive Blue Book memberships.

As Tom and Elaine Berndt stand as the newest members of the 'Friends of Tibet,' their unwavering commitment signals a growing momentum of support for the Tibetan cause within Australia.


Edited and collated by Team TRC