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  • 20 Apr, 2022
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TSO Dharamshala initiated a revised Gangkyi Waste Management system in a joint effort with Health Department


Dharamsala: In a joint effort to keep the premises of the Gangkyi, the seat of Head-Quarters of the Central Tibetan Administration clean, the WASH Desk under the Department of Health in collaboration with the settlement office of Dharamshala had taken the initiative to promote awareness of waste segregation and proper garbage disposal to all the residents of the vicinity, which is conducted from 15th April to 18th April 2022.

The awareness drive was led by Joint Secretary, Ms. Tenzin Kunsang of the Department, Dharamsala Settlement Officer, Mr. Kunga Tsering, WASH program officer, Sonam Dolma, and Gangkyi Water Manager, Mr. Tenzin Choephel.

Poor waste disposal at the Gangkyi entrance has been one of the concerning issues of CTA for the past years. Despite various measures being taken to ensure proper garbage disposal by the Department of Health, the problem of improper waste disposal persists.

Moreover, the special budget consideration from CTA was sought to improve the mechanism of collecting waste. To kick start the initiative, an appropriate time frame for waste collection for each location has been set up so that proper waste disposal can be observed.Therefore to resolve the issue, an awareness drive on Waste segregation and proper disposal presentation was given to all the offices of CTA, all seven departments, three autonomous bodies, the Library of Tibetan Work and Archives, and all the restaurants and shops located in and around the CTA premises.

With every passing year, the staggering issues with waste management remains a huge challenge globally. Therefore, the world needs conscious consumers to understand the importance and role of every individual in keeping the environment we live clean and healthy as the theme of World Health Day of WHO “Our Planet, Our Health”.

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