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  • 17 Mar, 2024
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UN report exposes China’s human rights violations and oppression against Tibetans


                                                                     Source: UN report

The United Nations Convention on the Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights and the UN Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights have recently released their final findings on China's human rights record. The report paints a concerning picture of numerous violations of China's responsibilities.

The UN committee called on China to take immediate action to address these issues and ensure the protection of human rights. The committee urged China to release all individuals detained for exercising their human rights, to stop the use of forced labor, and to respect the rights of religious and ethnic minorities.

The report details the harsh treatment of Tibetans by Chinese officials, including arbitrary arrests, torture, and forced labor. It also describes how the Chinese government has implemented strict controls on Tibetan culture and religious practices, with the aim of assimilating the minority group into Chinese culture.

The committee's recommendation follows a report on China's human rights record that highlighted the issue of forced relocation and rehousing, particularly in rural areas. The report raised concerns about the lack of consultation and compensation for those affected, as well as the impact on their livelihoods and access to essential services.

The experts expressed concerns about the “resettlement of nomadic herdsmen, particularly Tibetan. The Committee has recommended China immediately halt all forced relocation & rehousing programs & undertake meaningful consultation to explore alternative options.

It highlighted poor working conditions, harassment at the workplace & lack of labor inspection mechanisms to investigate violations in Tibet & has recommended China ensure resources for labor inspection & independent audit companies to take actions against entities in Tibet.

The UN Committee has noted its concerns about the severe restrictions faced by Tibetans regarding their right to take part in cultural life including the right to use and teach Tibetan language, history, and culture.

Furthermore, It has highlighted closure of schools providing instructions in Tibetan language followed by a “large-scale campaign to eradicate Tibetan culture & language” through “assimilation policy including the coerced residential (boarding) school system imposed on Tibetan children.”

The UN Committee has noted its concerns about the increasingly tighter regulation of religious practices and the systematic and massive destruction of religious sites including monasteries in Tibet.

The committee called on China to ensure that any relocation or rehousing schemes are carried out in accordance with international human rights standards. This includes ensuring that those affected are fully informed and consulted, and that they receive adequate compensation for any losses incurred.

The report has been met with concern and condemnation from human rights groups and governments around the world. Many are calling for the Chinese government to immediately halt the oppression of Tibetans and respect their human rights.

China, however, has denied the allegations and called the report biased and politically motivated. Chinese officials have claimed that their policies in Tibet are aimed at promoting economic development and improving the standard of living for all Tibetans.

This is not the first time that China has been accused of human rights violations against Tibetans. The issue has been a point of contention between China and the international community for decades.

The UN report is likely to further strain relations between China and other countries, particularly those with large Tibetan communities or strong human rights records. It remains to be seen whether the report will prompt any significant changes in China's policies towards Tibet and its people.


Edited and collated by Team TRC