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  • 24 Nov, 2024
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Violent Clashes in San Francisco Amid APEC Summit Spark Police Inaction Concerns


                                                                      Source: VOA

In the wake of Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to San Francisco for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, a series of violent clashes between pro-Xi supporters and anti-Chinese government protesters has ignited an outcry regarding police negligence in handling the escalating tensions.

Human rights organizations and activists are demanding a congressional hearing following reports of brutal assaults on Chinese dissidents who rallied against Xi Jinping's presence during the APEC summit from November 15th to 17th. The confrontations unfolded across various landmarks in San Francisco, including the San Francisco International Airport, the Moscone Center, and the St. Regis Hotel, where Xi was accommodated.

Multiple incidents of violence were reported, with accounts of pro-China groups wielding metal rods, flagpoles, closed umbrellas, and pepper spray against demonstrators advocating for causes such as Tibetan independence and opposing Beijing's human rights violations.

Topjor Tsultrim, a member of Students for a Free Tibet, disclosed that approximately 30 Tibetan protesters were targeted and assaulted by pro-China groups. He recounted a harrowing incident on November 17th where three Tibetan college students were viciously beaten, resulting in severe injuries and hospitalization.

Further accounts of assaults surfaced, with Li Delong from the Chinese Democracy Party Los Angeles committee stating that he was attacked near the Moscone Center, suffering head injuries and bleeding after being assaulted by pro-Xi individuals.

Several prominent figures, including Wang Dan, a key figure in the 1989 Tiananmen Square movement, highlighted the orchestrated nature of the violence, implicating pro-China forces in the United States. Calls have been made to investigate not only the perpetrators but also the political forces behind the assaults, urging accountability for the attacks.

Chen Chuangchuang, executive director of the Chinese Democracy Party, attributed the unchecked violence to infiltration by the Chinese Communist Party in the United States. He criticized the San Francisco city government for either favoring the pro-communist side or displaying negligence in handling security and protests during Xi's visit.

Despite numerous complaints and pleas for assistance, demonstrators claim that law enforcement authorities remained unresponsive and failed to intervene effectively during the clashes. Reports indicate that when anti-Xi protesters sought help from the police after being followed and attacked by pro-Xi groups, their requests were disregarded.

Efforts are underway to gather evidence of the assaults, with plans to submit them to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China and the congressional Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party. Human Rights in China, a nonprofit organization, aims to present compelling evidence to highlight the severity of the situation and demand thorough investigations.

As the outcry intensifies, inquiries directed at the San Francisco Police Department regarding arrests made in connection with the violence have yielded minimal response. Only a single case of an anti-Xi protester reporting a crime after being assaulted was acknowledged by an officer, raising further concerns about the handling of these incidents by law enforcement agencies.

The escalating tensions and police inaction during the APEC summit have spurred a national conversation on the presence and influence of foreign political forces, signaling the imperative for a thorough investigation and accountability in safeguarding the rights of protesters on American soil.


Edited and collated by Team TRC