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  • 17 Jun, 2024
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You Cant Stop Us Campaign on Tibet Rights Collective gaining traction


The #YouCantStopUs campaign, launched by the Tibet Rights Collective, has gained significant traction since its inception. This year-long initiative calls upon all Tibetans and supporters worldwide to share posts highlighting the ongoing Chinese tyranny using the hashtag #YouCantStopUs. The campaign aims to amplify the Tibetan voice and counter efforts to silence their plight.


 Campaign Overview

The campaign encourages everyone to:

1. Share messages that highlight Tibetan resilience and the struggle against Chinese oppression.

2. Use the hashtag #YouCantStopUs in all social media posts to unify and strengthen the movement.

3. Report fake accounts that target Tibetan profiles to ensure the safety and visibility of genuine voices.


 Early Success and Challenges

The campaign has already made a significant impact, with over a million impressions to date. This impressive reach demonstrates the global support and solidarity for the Tibetan cause. Early posts received an overwhelming positive response, showcasing the community’s strength and determination.

However, the campaign has faced challenges. There has been a dramatic reduction in the reach of Tibetan @X handles, with some experiencing an over 80% drop in visibility within a few days. This is largely due to fake accounts mass-reporting Tibetan profiles, a tactic aimed at suppressing their voices.


 Call to Action

In light of these challenges, it is crucial to intensify our efforts. The Tibet Rights Collective urges everyone to:

- Share this report widely to raise awareness about the ongoing struggle.

- Utilize the hashtag #YouCantStopUs in all social media activities to ensure a unified front.

- Actively report fake accounts that seek to undermine the campaign and silence Tibetan voices.



The #YouCantStopUs campaign is gaining momentum, reflecting the unwavering spirit and resilience of the Tibetan people. Despite the obstacles, our collective efforts can overcome the attempts to silence us. Let’s continue to show the world the true Tibetan might and ensure our voices are heard.


Thank you for your steadfast support.

#YouCantStopUs #TibetanMight #StandWithTibet