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Why Tibet?

We believe that #TibetMatters

As the question of the succession of the Dalai Lama garners increased global attention, control and suppression of human rights in Tibet has reached new heights in the past few years.

Thus, the TRC aims to highlight the human rights abuses happening in Tibet, even as you read this. Freedom House, in its Freedom in the World 2021 report that ranks countries based on political rights and civil liberties, rated Tibet 'Not Free'.

What We Do

A mission to solve a problem


Collect Information

Increase the access to information to create a sense of belonging among Tibetans in India and abroad.


Cover Tibet

Cover Tibet from a political and strategic point of view and provide a global outlook on the same.


Create Literature

Create literature on Tibet.


Human Rights

Cover human rights violations in Tibet: school closures, imposition of Mandarin, arbitrary arrests and detentions and suppression of basic freedoms of Tibetans.

What Our Logo Says

Our Logo

Our logo is a holistic visual expression of everything we stand for.


Vitarka Mudra

The Buddhist ‘vitarka mudra’ denotes transmission of the Dharma and “uninterrupted flow of wisdom”. Known as the “gesture of debate”, the mudra reflects our spirit of enquiry and questioning and our commitment to truth.


The Deers

In Buddhism, deer symbolises harmony, peace, happiness and longevity; their presence in a place represents the “purity of a space, bereft of fear”.


Buddhist Prayer Flags

The Buddhist prayer flags stand for the elements of air, fire, water, earth and heaven and they carry the messages of compassion, strength and wisdom through the wind.

This is the vision we carry forward - of a Tibet where Tibetans can live without fear. TRC’s agenda is to spread our message of freedom and liberty and bring together a community of leaders who will carry forward these messages.

Share Your Ideas

Discussion Forum

TRC Discussion forum is a unique space where we aim to initiate engaging and lively conversations about various aspects of Tibet and bring together like-minded individuals who can share their views and discover new ones. Discussions will be centred around topics mentioned in the list or those suggested by the participants themselves. If you have a question to ask, doubt to clear, view to be expressed or answer a query, you are welcome to comment here.